Diabetes & Associated Complications

 2/1/2022 A person who has diabetes can also help eliminate the complications caused by tooth decay. To determine which foods should be avoided that can raise your blood glucose, use the Glycemic Index. Keep fit and exercise. Most fruits and vegetables are low in the Glycemic Index. Potatoes are the only vegetable diabetics should avoid because of their high glycemic Index. Type I diabetes is most commonly diagnosed in children and young adults. Type I Diabetes is different from Type II Diabetes in that Type I does not produce insulin. Insulin is required to transport sugar from the blood to the cells. Juvenile diabetes was Type I diabetes, first diagnosed first in childhood. People with Type I and Type II Diabetes should avoid high glycemic food. They can interfere with insulin or medications they are currently taking. Corn flakes, white rice like jasmine rice, white pieces of bread, and baked potatoes are all high-glycemic foods. These foods should be avoided by people with diabete

Lessons From a Diabetes Diagnosis

 2/1/2022 Lessons From a Diabetes Diagnosis After being hit by a car, I arrived at the hospital the night I was diagnosed. I had only a small bone fracture in my left arm, which was thankfully minor. A doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. He recommended physical treatment for my arm. My arm did not need surgery, which was the good news! The idea of dealing with diabetes was even worse. I needed to go to expensive insulin prescriptions and avoid unnecessary doctor visits. I did my research and discovered that diabetes could be reversed could reverse diabetes. Studies showed that people with diabetes could recover and lose weight. I wanted to reverse my diabetes, so I began learning about oranges, spinach, broccoli, and other helpful foods. My education had just begun/ Every day, eat plenty of leafy green veggies. Salads are my favorite way to eat lunch. The main ingredients were fresh spinach and broccoli. Other ingredients were egg salad and lettuce. I am diabetic. I was able to eat sal