Lessons From a Diabetes Diagnosis


Lessons From a Diabetes Diagnosis

After being hit by a car, I arrived at the hospital the night I was diagnosed. I had only a small bone fracture in my left arm, which was thankfully minor. A doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. He recommended physical treatment for my arm. My arm did not need surgery, which was the good news! The idea of dealing with diabetes was even worse.

I needed to go to expensive insulin prescriptions and avoid unnecessary doctor visits. I did my research and discovered that diabetes could be reversed could reverse diabetes. Studies showed that people with diabetes could recover and lose weight.

I wanted to reverse my diabetes, so I began learning about oranges, spinach, broccoli, and other helpful foods. My education had just begun/
Every day, eat plenty of leafy green veggies. Salads are my favorite way to eat lunch. The main ingredients were fresh spinach and broccoli. Other ingredients were egg salad and lettuce. I am diabetic. I was able to eat salmon and tuna (wild-caught).
Do not eat donuts, chips, or orange juice. Although I was not asked about my cravings, they were there. There are no more jelly-donuts! Instead, eat a plant-based diet. At first, I was very sensitive to cravings. But, as my cravings decreased, I started to eat nuts like walnuts and almonds as snacks. Although I would occasionally indulge in vanilla ice cream and a slice of pizza, it was not something I ate every day.

Eat healthy foods you have never tried. I never had fresh spinach at my home. My father used to open cans of spinach and make them into linch. It was disgusting to me, and I tried to feed my cat. Who refused. Fresh spinach was something I liked a lot. I tried sweet potatoes and broccoli, and I enjoyed them. I will have to start eating avocados every day, at least for now. I wouldn't say I like to fish.
Choose whole, healthy foods you enjoy and stay away from fad diets such as keto and paleo/ While both diets have their merits, they can be restrictive. I tried the Keto diet for a week and was not impressed by many foods. I stopped following it a few days later.
Choose an egg for breakfast to help you feel fuller. Eggs scrambled, or omelets make great choices. I used to drink coffee with fresh oranges. It didn't satisfy me. I ate a lot of junk food, including burgers and pasta. I gained weight, developed high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.
It is important to get active every day, even if you are cycling or walking for a long time. Jogging is also a good option. Both of these activities are good for your heart. You'll also lose weight and feel great about shedding baggy tops and slacks.
I am working to reverse diabetes. However, I have more energy and lost weight. I am comfortable in size 12 and regularly eat whole foods. Okay, I enjoy a donut or two, but I don't eat them every single day. I also enjoy my adventures eating healthy foods. My blood pressure has dropped. People have noticed a difference in my clothes and weight.

I am not a doctor and only want to share what has worked for me. Every person is unique, so it's better to consult a doctor about diabetes.


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